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Mr. Ajit dada Pawar


He is a Maratha strongman and Mr. Sharad Pawar's nephew.

 That by no means was enough for him to nurture a successful political career.

He has endeavoured himself to the common man because of his achievements rather than being Saheb's nephew or a minister.

 Mr Ajit Pawar had to go through the travails and tribulations of public life like any ordinary politician. Mr. Ajit Pawar's maiden foray into the electoral areas was in 1982. He was in the foray as a candidate for a sugar co-operative body election which he won by a good margin. He was elected MLA from Baramati later. In 1991 Mr Ajit Pawar was elected MP from the constituency once represented by Mr Sharad Pawar. He returned to state politics again with a bang. He was re-elected as MLA from Baramati and inducted into the Sudhakar Naik Government. He has held a wide variety of posts in a number of cooperative institution with distinction. Mr Ajit Pawar was the chairman of the Pune District Cooperative Bank for 16 years. It merits attention that when he took over, the deposits were just Rs 300 crore. When he relinquished office this had increased to an astronomical figure of Rs 160000 crore. As the countdown for an alternative, viable secular government gained momentum in the post-poll scenario, Ajit Pawar played a vital role in bridging the communication gap between the Congress and NCP. He still insists on the point that both the Congress parties should sink their differences to settle down to business in earnest in the larger interest of the state. In an exclusive interview with this correspondent, Mr Ajit Pawar said the NCP would not destabilise the newly formed DF Government to uphold the sanctity of the people's mandate. Hon. Ajitdada Pa war is known as a trusted leader of thousands of activists from Maharashtra. He has achieved this stature because of his thoughts actions and achievements. Therefore, workers from every corner of the state do not hesitate to carry their grievance to Ajitdada wherever he is. He is their trusted guide, he is their inspiration. One essential feature of Hon. Ajitdada's style of work is that whatever be the development activity he pours his heart into it. Only a leader who has the political willpower to resolve the problem of regional imbalance of Maharashtra with a penchant for natural justice. Hon. Da da obviously has such political will power. Hence his responsibility is magnified multifold and he certainly has necessary ability and experience to handle this responsibility. Every action by Ajit is backed by firm conviction, definite approach, proper planning, imaginative vision and responsible administration. The famous line of Shree Samarth Ramdas, "Bole Taisa Chale" (Action as per words) applies to Dada perfectly. After the late Chief Minister of Maharashtra, vasantdada Patil, only shri. Ajit Pawar has had the honour of being addressed as "Dada". This honor is a testament to his popularity among the population.
Pawar,Shri Ajit Dada
Deputy Chief Minister & Finance Minister Pune(Maharashtra )
Party Name : Nationalist Congress Party(NCP)

Loksabha and Vidhansabha Elections
1991 Ajit Pawar Congress I 8,37,293 75.39%
  Sou. Lokhande B.J.P. 1,01030 17.40%
1991 Ajit Pawar Congress I 96032 91%
Hanumant Kokare B.J.P. 9117  
1995 Ajit Pawar Congress I 91493 72%
Sunil Hinde Shivsena 6567  
Ratan Kakade Apaksha 14145  
1999 Ajit Pawar Rashtravadi Congress 86507 70%
Chanrarao Taware Apaksha 36141  
2004 Ajit Pawar Rashtravadi Congress 96302 76%
  Popatrao Tupe Shivsena 30145  

 Chhagan Bhujbal
Constituency: Walva,Sangli(Maharashtra )

Party Name : Nationalist Congress Party(NCP)
Email Address:

Portfolio       :

 Public Works Department (Excluding Public Undertakings) and Tourism



Date of Birth                      15-10-1947
Spouse Name                   Smt. Meena Bhujbal

Special Interests:


Chhagan Bhujbal's Achievements:

He initiated some programmes on civic issues like better housing, slum development, etc. He also launched the unique city square and road railing beautification scheme in Mumbai during his tenure.

Chhagan Bhujbal's Biography:
In June 1999, when Pawar left the Congress to form the Nationalist Congress Party, Bhujbal left with him to build a well-oiled organisation from scratch.
Bhujbal,is also a key leader of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in Maharashtra. He has raised voice against the Assaults on Biharis in Maharashtra and Uttar Bhartiya.

In 1973, he was elected to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation.
In  1985 he became the Mayor of Mumbai. He was re-elected as Mayor in 1991.

Member of the State Legislature                                                 : 1985 and again in 1990.
Revenue Minister in the State Cabinet                                       :  November 1991.
Minister of Housing and Slum Improvement                               :Till 1995.
Deputy Chief Minister, in-charge of Home and Tourism           : October 1999 - 23rd December

Guardian Minister of Mumbai city and was the Chief Spokesperson for responsible urban governance within the Cabinet
MLC.                                                                                                                : 2002.
MLA from Yeola & Cabinet Minister of Public Works Department  :Nov. 2004 -Dec. 2008

Deputy C.M of Maharashtra for 3rd Time   :  October 2009
Countries Visited:

US, France, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Russia.







Diploma in

V.J.T.I., a premier institute of Technology in Mumbai